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Mar 1, 2014 11:00pm EST
. >> mike: coming up next it's your local news followed by "saturday night live" hosted by jim parsons with musical guest bet. it's not stopped since 5:00 central time. with the initials of gsh, george s. hole las, founder of the bears. formerly in chicago. the only two original nfl franchises from the founding of the leafs. green bay came along soon after, but they wanted to emphasize in chicago there were only two who have gone all those years. i have nothing to say about what we just saw. >> ed: maybe they slipped on the tarp. >> mike: is there another game after this, shirts and skins? i hope they enjoyed it. 4:15 go in the third. swatted at by engelland. forehanded shot. he and rozsival after that one. rozsival tried to chip further and then it is sutter, feeding one. and then battled for and slugged wide by engelland, taken on by leddy. jammed it again. handzus. thrown across to engelland. tapped on by rozsival. swatted by versteeg. thrown by niskanen. paddled aside by crawford. crawford as toews have been impressive. no one more than jonathan toews. led back across. leddy taking
Mar 3, 2014 11:00pm EST
neighbor who tried to help. she joins us now from largo. >> reporter: jim, this tragedy shows why it is so important for all of us to help each other out right now. shoveling snow for the third time in seven days. >> i got to catch my breath for a minute. >> reporter: late this afternoon, the hated chore of winter turned deadly for a 60-year-old bowie maryland woman. neighbors heard her husband's cry for help. betty loehmann needs cpr. she didn't hesitate. >> i did mouth-to-mouth on her. and then the other lady down the street, she was doing the compressions on her. all he was saying is please, bring her back for me. >> reporter: sadly, the woman later died. those who bought snow blowers this year are definitely getting their money's worth out of them. these two bowie teens were doing their best to help their mother clear the driveway. tough going due to the layer of ice under the snow. next door nicole peterson was clearing off her car and worrying about tuesday's commute. >> tomorrow morning, i hope that it's not too icy on the roads. but as cold as it is out here tonight, i think it's g
Feb 27, 2014 11:00pm EST
with the latest. shomari? >> reporter: well, jim, tonight d.c. police are searching for killer of this teen. i talked to a lot of folks in southeast, and they tell me that they are sick and tired of the gun violence. tonight's victim marks the 20th homicide this year in the district. keep in mind, there were a total of 12 by this time last year. tonight we're learning more about this latest murder. a law enforcement source tells me the 18-year-old was standing on the 4300 block of halley terrace southeast. suddenly, someone shot him in the neck, and he died shortly before 6:00 this evening. police are questioning people in the neighborhood to try and get a lead on this case. meanwhile, people who live in the area want the violence to stop. >> i feel like it is a broken home. another mom has to bury their child, and another family is just in pieces tonight. >> reporter: now, i have the name of this latest victim. police tell me that they are in the process of notifying his relatives. and i won't release it out of respect for the family. live here in northwest d.c., i'm shomari ston
Mar 4, 2014 11:00pm EST
now. shomari? >> reporter: well, jim, that flash mob was in and out in less than a couple of minutes. i'm on the 3200 block of m street northwest, and d.c. police hope that someone can recognize the persons of interest in this video. take a close look at this surveillance video from true religion brand jeans in georgetown. nearly two weeks ago, just before 6:30 in the evening, a dozen teens walk in the front door holding bags. police say the flash mob steals over a thousand dollars worth of clothes and walks out. tonight true religion employees won't comment, but other georgetown fashion businesses are speaking out. >> i can't believe that all of those people could steal something all at one time. >> reporter: maria works at camper, a high-end shoe store a couple of doors down. >> are you ever concerned that something like that could happen? >> all the time. i mean, we've had plenty of people steal a few shoes just in our window display. so i can only imagine having all those merchandise taken all at once. >> take a look at what they do. >> reporter: i showed the surveillance video t
Feb 25, 2014 11:00pm EST
from neighbors as police continue to search for the suspects. jackie? >> reporter: jim, the mail carrier is expected to survive his injuries. but this crime, this crime is causing outrage. he was left injured and tied up in the back of his u.s. postal service van. people in this neighborhood near catholic university are saddened and angry that someone who works hard to bring them their mail and packages in all kinds of weather was victimized, beaten, and robbed. it was just after 4:00 p.m. when according to law enforcement accounts, the mail carrier was confronted by two men near number 50 hawaii avenue northeast. at least one had a gun. they forced him back to his van where he was assaulted and robbed of his wallet and keys. it's not clear if any mail was stolen. neighbors are absolutely horrified. many say the carrier is like a family member to them. >> i've been knowing him for probably 10, 12 years. a little scary right now. come out and something like this happens. especially to somebody you know. >> i'm just devastated. i don't -- i hope that maybe -- i don't know if any ne
Feb 28, 2014 11:00pm EST
block away. >> tom? >> yeah. are you jim? >> what's up? >> reporter: which brings us back to that familiar scene and that plastic bag. tell me what i'm looking at here, syringes, one bottle. >>> how do i know that it's authentic? >> see the numbers here? >> reporter: sure enough. what appears to be an authentic bottle of the popular steroid gpsust. >> over time they cause tremendous, tremendous harm. strokes, cancer of the liver, pancreatitis. >> reporter: dr. harris says the side effects are even more threatening to a teenager's body. and according to a study published in the journal pediatrics, one in 20 students has used steroids for muscle growth. the largest group not athletes. according to findings by fenway substitute, gay teens are nearly six times more likely to use. >> they said to themselves if i do steroids, i'll build myself up, and i'll become very muscular. i can defend myself and i'll look better. >> reporter: there is no one single source for where these drugs enter the black market. jamie says he gets his from medicine cabinets. >> most people i get it from alrea
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6